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Working at Sloyd

We are looking for top talent from around the world

What we do

Remote first

Our values

Startups are not regular companies. Being at a startup means opposing the status quo, it means fighting the odds and bringing your A-game. It also means learning, having fun and having direct influence and responsibility for what we are building..

  • Far away, but close

    Social gatherings are even more important as a remote company. We meet at least once a year, and make sure to hang out digitally or game and have fun together.

  • Trust as a core value

    At Sloyd, managers are not around to look over the shoulder of their employees. That’s okay, we want a work culture built on trust not oversight, and on measuring results and outputs and not on tracking hours and inputs.

  • Highest standard

    Work here is gives you great challenges and high expectations. At the same time, since we at high intensity and at the forefront of our industry, you should be learning a lot. If you are not learning, we are not doing things right.